Masterclass: The Boring Bits

We’ve brought together professional writers and industry insiders to make all the boring bits fun, taking the hard work out of the grunt work in sustaining a writing career. This masterclass will provide all the useful, practical information you need to know to be able to do what you love, pay the bills, and avoid burnout.

10am Navigating the Freelance Jungle

It’s hard out there for a freelancer. How do you maintain a steady income and a healthy wage from your work? How do you balance commercial gigs with creative freedom? From pitching to publications to negotiating with editors, hear from these freelancing pros as they share their tips, tricks and tools of the trade.

With Lindy Alexander, Matilda Dixon-Smith and Neha Kale

11am Tax, Income And Money

How do you establish yourself as a business? What can you claim on tax? Do you need an arts accountant? From setting up invoices and keeping track of your income to learning the basics of book-keeping, Laura Caldwell from Darkwave Consulting has got you covered on the practicals.

12pm Don’t Quit your Day Job

It’s increasingly difficult to pursue writing as a full-time vocation. How do you juggle writing and a day job? How do you manage your time, work on your craft, and also pay the bills? These writers share their experiences of balancing a writing practice with working in an unrelated field.

With Shu-Ling Chua, Sonia Nair and Chloe Papas

2pm Agents, Contracts and Rights

So you’ve finished your first manuscript. What next? Get the inside scoop from Joshua Pomare and literary agent Clare Foster about what to expect on the path to publication – from finding an agent, negotiating with publishers, settling contracts and selling international rights to your book.

3pm Burn Baby Burn

Burnout is rife within the creative industries, and the writing life can be a lonely one. How do you stay motivated and manage your mental health? How do you learn to face rejection and combat writer’s block? A practical and positive look at taking care of yourself in this industry.

With Madeleine Dore, Madison Griffiths and Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen

Thursday 21 June

$90 full/$75 concession

The Wheeler Centre Performance Space
176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000